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The most innovative and technological

 battery for smartphones in the world

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The future of mobility

It guarantees every smartphone three days of autonomy

with its lightness, its thinness and its power.

Its system permits to join it and the smartphone together

for a wireless recharge.

One word only: magic.


Protection and performance

Our smart cover protects your device and Mobility improves its performance over 60%.

Easy to work all day long avoiding electrical socket research.


Technology and comfort

Mobility turns on automatically

when your smartphone is almost to run out.

In this way you will always enjoy full power.


         A new kind of recharge     

The innovative magnetic technology allows the smartphone

 to charge itself quickly and wirelessly.

Mobility is truly thought for a wireless future.


Increasing smartphone life

The powerful chip inside Mobility analyses battery status

and balances its performance all day long.

Your smartphone will last more.



No matter if you have got a iOS smartphone or an Android.

Mobility is universal.

We always dreamt to do it.

And now we are doing it.


Coming soon.

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